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 Take Control of Your Future 

Invest in yourself with our support today and own a business that makes a difference 

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Change Your Future

JKL Franchise Support is offering you the opportunity to start your own business with our expert business model and full continuous support.

In an ongoing changing employment market why not begin investing in yourself and take control of your own future.

Become a proud business owner and own an organisation that makes a real difference every day in a sector that is on track to become the biggest employer in the UK.

Take the leap and with our model and support you too could be a successful business owner with both the security and pride that comes from owning a JKL Franchise.

Business Meeting


Karen and Joanne started JKL and changed their lives forever. “We believed in ourselves but never had the opportunity to start a business. We took the leap and invested our time and ability in ourselves, now we have a business we can be proud of. We make a difference to people’s lives every day, but now we can also manage our own time.” Their branch now has a turnover of over 1 million pounds per year. ​ “Employment comes with so much unpredictable insecurity, and we have experienced the stress of the unknown. Now managing our own business that anxiety is gone, we have security and for the first time our hard work is being invested in our own future. This is our retirement, our business, and the future for our children.”

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Why Choose JKL

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With the JKL brand you are acquiring a business with a premium reputation. JKL Care Services is graded 5 by the Care Inspectorate and with our support you too could achieve this. 

Calculate Savings


Priced to give you an opportunity even during a cost of living crisis. The main financial investment is in your business, JKL does not touch this.

Customer Service


You will be supported by a team with an abundance of experience. Each having set up and managed their own services in recent times and our whole focus will be on you and your start-up. 

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Franchise Information

JKL Franchise support provides you with a licensed JKL Care Services business founded upon a tried and trusted model. Your new business will be completely supported by JKL franchise support and with our experts, you will be able to manage and grow a prosperous business. ​ The franchise support package you will receive will provide you with a successful business model, complete with templated paperwork and guides on how to complete all relevant processes. The franchisee will receive a thorough five-day training at JKL Franchise Support headquarters along with six-weeks of setup support and mentoring. This intensive support can be increased to 12 weeks upon evaluation. ​ You will have 24/7 access to the franchise support portal and premium access to the JKL support line where you can speak directly to us, we are here to help you succeed.

JKL Initial Support 

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Get in Touch

Contact JKL Franchise Support and receive our Franchise information pack. 

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1.1 Waverley House, Hamilton 



01698 478851 / 07369254529

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